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A treasure trove of information, documentation photos, original brochure scans, restoration projects past and present, and a perpetual newsletter keeping you informed on all aspects of ownership, maintenance, operation, and the history of these remarkable fiberglass classics.

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If you are interested in the classic fiberglass Chris Craft Commander, own one now, are restoring one,
or are considering buying one, you have just found a treasure trove of information !!

The Chris Craft Commander Forum, Inc., was formed in 2005 to provide an easily accessed and free treasure trove of information, photos, tech tips, history, original brochure scans, and an ongoing newsletter to the general public for their personal use and enjoyment.  Our mission is "to share information and have fun".   This is a not for profit site, we are enthusiasts, and we love Chris Craft boating.  

In 2008 The Chris Craft Commander Forum, Inc., proudly sponsored and co-hosted the world's largest gathering of Chris Craft Commander boats, on beautiful Lake Erie, at a charming little fishing village called Huron, Ohio.  In 2009 we again sponsored this event and personally invited Herb Pocklington and Chris Smith to be the guest speakers, and photos of that event are also available on The Forum.

Since 2005 the Chris Craft Commander Forum, Inc., readersip has skyrocketed due to international exposure in Motor Boating Magazine, Classic Yacht Magazine, and increased awareness across the world wide web, with millions of pages read worldwide.  We have contributed to numerous articles, presentations, boat shows and symposiums, and boating organizations. 

                                               We cordially extend to you a friendly WELCOME ABOARD !!
                                       Please feel free to join in the fun at our main web site,!

In 2009 we published "The Legacy of the Fiberglass Chris Craft Commander", a 167 page book with hundreds of photos showcasing all Commander models from 19' to 60'.  The book sold out within weeks, and a second printing was initiated in 2010.

(IMAGE BELOW): TRADITION at speed, powered by twin 427 Ford V8 motors developing 300 horsepower and a whopping 438 footpounds of torque at 2900 rpm (each).  TRADITION is a 1966 38' Express, FXA-38-3004-R, capable of 32 miles per hour.  In 1964 Chris Craft unvieled this model at the New York Boat Show, after designing and building it in secret, and shipping the boat under wraps to the show, where it shook the boating world.  Originally offered with a pair of 210-hp small block Chevys, a pair of 275-hp big bock Lincolns, or a pair of 258-hp GM diesels, the model received the powerful 427 Fords as the top motor option in 1966.  At 300-hp the big block Ford NASCAR motors are detuned, relaxed, provide great performance, and are known for lasting decades.  These boats are "the best kept secret in classic fiberglass cruiser boating", because they were over-built and remain as solid as a rock 40 or more years later.  TRADITION has been featured in Motor Boating Magazine, Classic Yacht Magazine, and all over the world wide web, serving as the flagship for the Chris Craft Commander Forum, Inc., and it's readership at   The boat regularly runs the Cumberland River in Central Tennessee.

                                 (Photo Below): Your forum host aboard TRADITION, "somewhere" on the Cumberland River.

Chris Craft Commander Forum, Inc., and are independent, not formally affialiated with any other business or organization, totally non commercial and not-for-profit.   The web site is unique, because we are not selling information, we do not require personal information, we are just in this for the fun, and to share information,
 as boating enthusiasts and Chris Craft Commander fans.   

We proudly support the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club and The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc., due to their missions and our mission here being so similar.  We encourage membership in both of those fine organizations, and hope to see you on
The Forum sometime in the near future.  

Regards, best, let's go boating!


 Chris Craft Commander Forum, Inc.,, is an independent treasure trove of information, photos, original brochures, documented restoration projects, and not affiliated with the Chris Craft Commander Club. 

                                             "So many little time......but what a way to go!"

                                                                "It's not a Chris's a lifestyle."
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